Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to get the ball rolling


I just started this blog and it will need some help. Give me some time but I will download information from our other websites to make the front page look like something everyone can recognize.

Have a great day


  1. Great Job Vic.
    If I can do anything to help, let me know. I will pass this info to Charlie Wymore and Larry Oakes and any other TD I run across.


  2. I see you received the TD image. Any others you need let me know. If they are on the site go ahead and use them.
    I will be updating the site in the next few days.
    Right now I am finishing planting my garden and then preparing for the family gathering on the lake for the Memorial Day Weekend.
    U'all enjoy the weekend and stay safe...

  3. Vic,
    Can you post the TD insigna at the top left and replace the star?

  4. OK, both FaceBook and TD Blog have links on the Main page of
    Hope this brings in more inquires.

  5. I just made a change by picking a new template for the blog. Let me know what you think

  6. I like this layout better.

  7. Not much activity on the Blog. Have send invites to 6-7 TD members. No response yet.
    Hope to send thw eekend on the lake and get the boat and jet skis running for the summer fun.
    Will work more on this next week.

  8. I have finally found the TD home. TD3 Brown, David M. here. I crossed over to IM before retiring. I was stationed with the S3 Division of FASO at NAS Cecile Field.

  9. David

    Great to see your post, there are a few other TD related sites plus a facebook list (TRADEVMAN Association) Please sign up on facebook and join the fun

  10. I have been out of the Navy since 1959, but I think that I can still do an MPTA adjustment on a 1CA1.

  11. I was a 2F23 & F9 Instructor TD at Nas Chase Field in Beeville, TX from 1967-69. Would like to reconnect with other TD's stationed at Chase.

    Mark (Norman)Webb

  12. From RM1/IT1/E6 David A. Bailey (USN/Retired)

    Just a quick note....Obituary for TDCM Grant T. Kelly
    Grant (he was civilian, I was Navy) was my boss when I retired in 2000. Just thought you TD's would want info.

  13. I retired Feb. 1973 GMS Dam Neck
    TD-1 Leon Berard "FRED"

  14. Just talked to Pete to express thanks for his years of work in planning and conducting the TD annual reunions, which I unfortunately have not been able to attend. I am Larry Ray, class 59-04 TD(A) school, NATTC Memphis. Twenty Two in our class. I went to Naples, Italy right out of school to the RBS unit being set up there where I remained until the end of my enlistment and return to the U of Texas. Regards to all. My web site is